Ed Rendell Hitchhiked to Center City Yesterday

Here’s how it all went down according to Inky state house writer Angela Couloumboulis, who may have just made her first-ever reference to WIP in print.

  • Rendell’s power went out (did he forget to pay PECO too?) so his alarm never went off so his driver couldn’t get to him in time so he was running late for an early-morning appearance on 94 WIP.
  • Rendell either will not or cannot drive himself anywhere, so he called his son but “couldn’t rouse him.” C’mon, Jesse! For WIP!
  • Then he called a cab, but the wait was going to be 30 minutes.
  • So he hitchhiked and caught a ride with a dude who ended up calling into WIP later.

What a brotherly, brotherly city. Only one question remains: What does @FakeWIPCaller have to say?