POLL: PA Voters Not On Board with MontCo Same-Sex Marriages

But the news isn't as terrible as it sounds. Read on.

Studies have shown that Pennsylvania is on the right side when it comes to supporting marriage equality, but a Frank and Marshall College poll released yesterday shows that a whopping majority of PA voters disagree with D. Bruce Hanes’ decision to hand out marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Montgomery County. In an article on CBS, Poll Director Terry Madonna explains: 

Seventy-six percent find that practice unacceptable, even though 54-percent of Pennsylvanians support gay marriage … So the issue here is not support of gay marriage, but the way in which some officials in this state believe it ought to be accomplished.

This doesn’t shine the most promising light on next week’s court case, where a state judge will hear arguments about the validity of the hundreds of licenses already handed out. We can only hope for the best. Stay tuned to G Philly for updates.

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