Cutter Dykstra, Jamie-Lynn Sigler Make Lenny Dykstra a Grandfather

Cutter Dykstra, son of tumultuous former Phillie Lenny Dykstra, and his wife Jamie-Lynn Sigler (aka Mezzo Soprano) welcomed a brand new baby boy into the world Wednesday—their first as a couple. Dykstra and Sigler got married back in January, announcing the pregnancy just two weeks later.

Grandpa Lenny, meanwhile, is still leading an embattled life as evidenced by his recent interview with Mike Jerrick over at Fox. In that interview, Dykstra admits to making “some bad decisions” and says he hopes to rebuild his strained relationship with his family. He still, however, is still on probation and is only able to leave California for work opportunities.

“What happened, happened…hopefully I can learn from it and some other people can learn from it…I still have the last third of my life to live,” Dykstra said in the Fox interview. Let’s just hope the kid can still grow up up to call him “Nails.” [USA Today]