Chris Christie Kills “Stronger Than the Storm”, Starts “Jersey Strong” Ad Campaign

We griped, we complained, and we moaned, and now we’re all getting exactly what we wanted: those annoying “Stronger Than the Storm” ads will cease airing on September 1. Gov. Chris Christie addressed the ad’s cancelation today, saying that the $25 million campaign was designed to get tourism back into Jersey in superstorm Sandy’s wake. And, not only that, but we actually liked it.

“That ringing in your head from hearing it over and over and over again, I guarantee you come December, you’re going to miss them,” Christie said at today’s conference.

So what’s going to replace that regrettable summer anthem? Christie’s got that covered, too, thanks to a 235-entry strong contest looking for a suitable replacement. The winner, of course, is none other than After the Reign’s “Jersey Strong,” a tune penned the night the storm struck.

Hate it just as much below: