Salvation Army Collapse Lawsuits Halted So Criminal Investigation Can Proceed

The Pennsylvania Record reports: “A Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge has stayed civil litigation arising from June’s deadly building collapse in downtown Philadelphia, a decision likely to result in delayed payments of damages to survivors of the incident and families of those who perished in the collapse.” The decision lets the criminal investigation proceed without competing against civil litigants for witnesses, resources, and attention.

Attorney James Golkow, who represents another injured plaintiff, Shirley Ball, told the newspaper that he thinks (Judge Mark) Bernstein’s decision was “outrageous.”

“As the saying goes, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied,’” Golkow was quoted as saying in the paper. “My client has not been back to work, she has mounting medical bills with no health insurance … We’ve now turned a two-year wait into three or four years.”

No word on when the criminal cases might proceed0tb