SMIZE QUEEN: Spinning Runways, Trailer Parks and Off-Colored Critiques

Alexander Kacala recaps the latest season of America's Next Top Model, starring Philly's own Cory Wade Hindorff.

This week’s America’s Next Top Model brought us trailer-park-pageant realness, dizzying runway walks and remarks from a certain that bordered on homphobic. 

DRAMA: During the first few seconds of this week’s episode, Chris and Mike got into a war of words about absolutely nothing. This led to an emotional intervention with Chris, where we learned that his tendency to be overly sensitive stems from his having been raised by a verbally abusive mother. Cory closed the chat channeling his inner Oprah, telling Chris that he has to confront and deal with all the baggage from his mother.

MINI CHALLENGE: The contestants had to stomp it out on a spinning runway. Jeremy channeled Zoolander with duck lips galore, Cory did his best wearing a futuristic straight jacket and Nina shined through despite a sprained ankle. In the end, though, it was divorcée Jourdan who took the prize.

MAIN CHALLENGE: Imitation is the best form of flattery, and the main challenge was a total rip off of Honey Boo Boo. The models had to shoot a trailer park glam photo beside a child pageant queen. In their threesome, Kanani and Don did well, but Jeremy squinted too much and their photo fell flat. Nina and Phil (pictured, above) made for a strong pairing.

TOPS: Jourdan (pictured, above) nailed both competitions (finally) this week, and Nina, despite her ankle injury, was right right behind. I’m really loving quirky Nina and think she will go far.

BOTTOMS: Jeremy (the youngest in the competition) and Mike (the oldest) failed during both challenges. Jeremy just can’t seem to work his beautiful, buff body and Michael can’t work anything to save his life. This reminds us that pretty doth not make ye a model. In the end, Mike (pictured, above) was sent home by a tenth of a point. He will join Chlea in the separate competition where fans will be able to vote an eliminated model back into the competition.

CORY WATCH: Cory’s runway walk was fierce once he got his footing on the spinning catwalk, and in the photo challenge he impressed judges by striking a believable masculine pose. Things got a little touchy, though, when, during critiques, judge Rob Evans commented that he looked like a “man.” Tyra quickly stepped in, replying that Cory is a man, and what Rob should be saying is that he looks straight. Now, I’m not usually the boy who cries hate crime, but this comment seemed a bit homophobic. With Cory’s sexuality consistently playing a part in the judges’ critiques, I think they all need to be more sensitive — especially straight boy Rob Evans. You work in fashion, Mr. Evans. You should know better than to say things like that.

Next week, we get a dose of drag and I’m sure our hometown hero will be the center of attention due to his experience in lashes and heels as local drag queen Serena Starr. Stay tuned, hunties.

BEST SOUND BYTE: “He is a man.” — Tyra correcting Rob Evans when he said Cory looked like a man.

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