Annnnnd Another Corbett Cabinet Member Bites the Dust

Guess which sentence–written by the same writer in the same newspaper–was published today?

1. “At a time when a sweeping educational initiative that has been three years in the making is on the verge of falling apart and the state budget deadline is six weeks away, Gov. Tom Corbett announces he is letting his education secretary [X] go.”

2. “Less than three months after being named as acting state Education Secretary, two sources have confirmed that [X] is being forced out of the post in Gov. Tom Corbett’s Cabinet.”

If you answered “Quote Number Two” you’re right! A source told the Patriot-News‘s Jan Murphy that a background check revealed something unsavory about William Harner’s time as Cumberland Valley schools superintendent. Two education secretaries in three months is nothing, by the way. Other cabinet secretaries and administration poobahs that have left since October: Conservation Secretary Richard Allan, Press Secretary Kevin Harley, Welfare Secretary Gary Alexander, Environmental Secretary Michael Krancer, Health Secretary Eli N. Avila, Inspector General Kenya Mann Faulkner, and Chief of Staff Steve Aichele. And if anyone was ousted in the last half-hour or so, them too.