The Three Jersey Shore “Song of the Summer” Finalists

A few weeks ago, New Jersey initiated a contest to replace the insufferably catchy “Stronger than the Storm” anthem. (Whoa-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-ohhhh!) Now, we have our finalists.

1. “Jersey Shore,” by Andrew Warren.

Strengths: Chorus is incredibly catchy. Weaknesses: Chorus makes no logical sense. “Got all you want and more: The Jersey Shore.” What is more than “all”? Video here.

2. “Come on Down,” by Jojo Sueta and Bob Smith.

Strengths: Good use of geography and detail. (“From Cape May to Sandy Hook.”) Weakness: Song might not be relatable to male population due to “I’m a Jersey Girl and that’s OK” line. Video here.

3. “Jersey Strong,” by After the Reign.

Strengths: Song performed “New Jersey’s premier country band.” Weaknesses: Song performed by “New Jersey’s premier country band.” Video here.

I never thought I’d say this, but none of these stand up to “Stronger than the Storm.” Whoaa-oh-oh-ohhhhhhhh!