SEPTA Nears Goal of Installing 20th Century Technology to Collect Fares

CBS Philly has an extensive rundown of SEPTA’s plans to use electronic kiosks to distribute tickets for its buses, trolleys and trains. A trial run of the new technology will soon be conducted at Temple University, Market East, Suburban, 30th Street and University City stations.

The first test of the $200 million upgrade — a $129.5 million contract with Xerox subsidiary ACS, and companion projects including exit gate construction, farebox upgrades, and the laying of fiber optic lines — is expected in October, when SEPTA and Xerox workers will try Validators installed in five transit stations and on 100 buses.

By April 2014, SEPTA says the project will be live on buses, trolleys and subways.

Regional Rail roll out is expected in the fall of 2014.

It shouldn’t be difficult to use: New Yorkers and New Jersy residents have been using electronic kiosks for years now. Assuming SEPTA actually makes its goal, maybe we won’t have to feel so bad about our antiquated system anymore.