“Real Housewives” Stars Joe and Theresa Giudice Have Pleaded…Not Guilty!

Oh, the drama! I’m so glad they pleaded not guilty. (To federal tax charges that could send Joe and Theresa Giudice to prison for years.) ‘Cause…this is going into next season’s show, right?

During a 10-minute press conference this afternoon outside the courthouse in Newark, Feinstein said the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” couple will be entering a plea of not guilty when they are arraigned. They have had no discussions with Bravo about how this will affect the future of the series, and both Guidices will appear live on this seasons after show.

And just for good measure, the Newark Star-Ledger added:

“Real Housewives” portrays Teresa Giudice as a loud-mouthed, argumentative woman whose signature move was to flip a dining table in an on-camera fit of pique, while spending lavishly on furniture, clothes, toys for their four daughters, and a trip to Italy.

And we wish her the best of luck! [Star-Ledger]