PLAYDAR: Cher and Lady Gaga’s Duet Leaked Today

The recently canned duet between the two gay icons found its way on the Internet — and Cher is f*%@^ing pissed.

Gays cried rivers and rivers in June when they found out the much-anticipated collaboration between Cher and Lady Gaga had been canned. Well, it’s time to dry those eyes. The duet, called “The Greatest Thing,” was leaked today and it’s a anthemic, uplifting number that finds Cher in her auto-tuned comfort zone and Gaga singing like a bird in the background. Cher doesn’t quite feel the same way, though. On her Twitter page, she tweeted: “Just heard TGT ! Fuck ! It’s not even the right fucking version!!! Why do ppl think this kind of leaking shit is OK ! I’m so Fg disappointed.” You tell em, Cher. 

Do you agree with her? Hear it below, or  here, and weigh in below.

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