Fancy-Pants New Liquor Store Opens in Center City

Center City dwellers and workers now have a fancy-pants new place to buy their high-end hooch with the opening of the 7,700-square-foot Fine Wine & Good Spirits — Premium Collection store at 21st and Market. This store replaces the store at 19th and Chestnut.

At the ribbon-cutting, reports CBS3, State Rep. Brian Sims, in whose district the new store sits, weighed in on the state’s ongoing monopoly of the booze biz:

“The work that gets done here literally helps our schools, helps our seniors, and helps this state’s bottom line. …  So thank you all very very much for being here.  I expect all of you to drink responsibly, but I expect all of you to buy your booze in center city!”

Which is to say, drink up — for the children. Cuz this school budget thing isn’t going to solve itself.