The List: Cory Booker’s 6 Weirdest Tweets [Updated]

Barring a fatal meteorite shower, Cory Booker will win New Jersey’s Democratic Senate primary tonight, and then will hang out at an after party DJ’d by Q-Tip, which will then commence another round of hand-wringing about the Newark mayor’s “Celebrity or Savior?” persona. Speaking of which… the 44-year-old Booker is almost certainly more famous for his Twitter feed than anything he’s accomplished in Newark. Except for fixing potholes — because he apparently finds out about all of them on Twitter. Here, then, are six of his most memorable Tweets. If I forgot any good ones, I’m sorry, but the guy averages 20 per day and unlike our favorite neighbor-saving, snow-shoveling, Bain Capital-loving Senate candidate, I’m only human.

1. Quoting decade-old rap songs instantly makes you hipper than the entire U.S. Senate.

2. Carly Rae Jepsen, ditto.

3. The man is soon to be a U.S. Senator. Just a reminder. This weirdness also highlights Cory Booker’s apparent habit of searching for his own name in order to find Tweets addressed to him but not sent to his handle.*

4. Meet trying-too-hard Cory Booker.

5. Here’s the one tweet that Booker says has ever been deleted from his account. He says he regrets sending it, but clarifies that it was a staffer who erased it, not him. It’s about Mark Sanford, in case you have the political memory of a newt.

Booker tweeted a joke to the effect of “if anyone’s looking for me I’m not on the Appalachian trail, I’m with a hot sweet Colombian blend,” he said (a coffee reference).

6. Self-awareness reaches a new low.

*Update: Inquirer Jersey politics reporter and Cory Booker scholar Matt Katz informs me that Booker does not in fact search for his own name on twitter, but erases the @ from his handle when retweeting messages. Still, bizarre.