Lesbian Couple Issued MontCo’s 100th Same-Sex Marriage License

Congrats to Nicole and Ginny Perrine-Wilson of Lansdowne.

Phillyburbs.com reports that Montgomery County has issued its 100th same-sex marriage license to Nicole and Ginny Perrine-Wilson of Lansdowne: 

They’ve been together for 15 years, and share a last name and young daughter.

Ginny Perrine-Wilson says the couple doesn’t expect to reap all of the benefits of marriage right away, given the ongoing legal fight.

But she says they want to marry in Pennsylvania, and be part of the movement that helps change the law.

Click here for a nifty graphic laying out some facts and figures surrounding the same-sex-marriage activity happening in MontCo, including the breakdown of a pie chart that tells what counties in Pennsylvania have been issued the most licenses. (Hint: Philadelphia’s No. 2.)

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