Aaron Carter Is Performing at Princeton, and It Only Cost $65,000

Princeton has approved a $65,000 budget for their fall Lawnparties event, with most of the cost going toward paying brother-of-a-Backstreet-Boy Aaron Carter. Carter, who confirmed his appearance at the university on Sept. 15 via a tweet reading “Haha hell yes,” has not released a studio album since 2002, but was approved as the performer by the school’s USG, headed up by president, projected 2015 grad Shawon Jackson.

The $65,000 budget is slightly more than last spring’s $60,000 worth of funding, but less than fall 2012’s $70,000 figure. Some perspective: Yearly tuition at Princeton is $54,780, so if the school could have lived without a barely culturally relevant performance from the brother of a member of a fading boy band, at least one person could have attended class free for a year. But, hey, “Aaron’s Partyis pretty catchy. [DailyPrincetonian]