Watch This Totally Insane Jersey Diner Girl Fight [Updated]

[Scroll down for video from Aramingo Diner fight video.]

I’ve seen plenty of bar brawls and street brawls caught on tape. But this may be the first Jersey diner brawl caught on tape, and an insane diner brawl it is.

No word on what had these, er, ladies so upset, or where they buy their clothes. But if you’re a fan of videos showing grown women beating the living crap out of each other, this is the one to watch. At some point, it turns from a girl fight into an all-hands-on-deck fight, and a guy appears to throw a table at a woman.

Apparently, the whole crazy three-minute thing went down in a diner outside of Trenton over the weekend. And every minute of the video is worth watching.

Some notable quotes from the fighters and onlookers:

“Get the fuck up, bitch!”

“You’ve got to break this shit up…. Nah, hold up… I see ass and titties out, hold up.”

“Give me my mother fucking wallet.”

“Damn, my arm fucked up.”

“Oh, shit! Wow. Word up!”

“Damn, you alright, baby?”

“She got a knife out on this motherfucker.”

“Bitch, get the fuck off me.”

“Holy shit! Is my burger done yet?”

“I came on the right night!”

Update: A savvy reader was kind enough to let me know that this is not the first time that a diner brawl has been caught on tape. Below, video from the Aramingo Diner from right here in lovely Philadelphia. The reader made sure to let me know that this was a video of “white people” fighting at the Aramingo. And sure enough, the video is titled “Philly fights: white ppl in aramingo diner.” Though I can’t tell exactly what is happening here.