Gilberton’s Scary Dem-Hating Police Chief Gets Profile in Libtard-Loving New Republic

Remember Mark Kessler, the rural Pennsylvania police chief last seen shooting targets and spewing profanities about “libtards” on YouTube? He’s profiled in the New Republic because, well, naturally.

The nice thing about the profile is that it deepens the existing portrait of Kessler, expanding his public image to create a Barney Fife-meets-Timothy McVeigh personality that every sane human desires to be around.

Kessler was hired as Gilberton’s sole protector 14 years ago—and the borough has turned a blind eye to his antics ever since. He once pulled a gun to break up a fight in a “packed” bar and accidentally shot himself in the hand. In another incident, he shot and killed a family’s dog, which he said was attacking him. Two years ago, he arrested and strip-searched a Gilberton councilman for using profanity in a complaint left on Kessler’s voicemail about unruly teenagers in the neighborhood.

Well, jeez, Kessler: If profanity is your standard for doing a strip search, you’d probably best drop your trousers right now.

The less-comforting news: Kessler apparently has a deep stockpile of weapons that may or may not have been subsidized by Gilberton’s taxpayers. An inventory is now being requested.

In any case, it’s not easy being a heavily armed, profanity spewing patriot:

Kessler seems torn between the desire to get his job back and the impulse to push the envelope further. On Tuesday, he told me he’s “done playing politics.” But on Wednesday, I woke up to find new, pointed denunciations of the Gilberton borough council on his website. Kessler says this whole affair has taken a toll on his marriage and his family, that he’s been receiving death threats since the controversy began. (His cell phone number is prominently displayed on his website; the voicemail message says, “To leave a death threat, press one. Otherwise, press two.”) Since he was suspended without pay, he started a GoFundMe to “help the Chief pay his bills—buy groceries to feed his kids—pay the mortgage etc.”