Atlantic City Airport Airfares Are Cheapest In Country

The United States Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, which sounds like a really exciting place to work, recently released its first-quarter report of domestic airfares in the United States.

According to that report, Atlantic City’s airport had the lowest average airfare out of the country’s top 100 airports at $169 round trip. That’s a full $51 lower than the next lowest airport on the list, California’s Long Beach airport, which posted an average of $220. The Atlantic City number is down 41 percent since the same period in 2000.

By comparison, the average domestic flight out of Philadelphia costs $401.20, slightly higher than the national average of $378.69. And the country’s most expensive airport? Alabama’s lovely Huntsville International Airport, where the average round trip ticket will set you back $543. Damn, and I was so hoping to get to Alabama this summer.