Chris Christie Talks About His Life’s Lowest Moment

A talk with Gov. Chris Christie took an unexpected emotional turn last week when an interviewer lobbed out a question regarding the lowest point in the governor’s life. Not political, but personal, Christie’s lowest moment revolves around the moment his mother was diagnosed with cancer and told him she knew she was going to die.

Many are familiar with the campaign trail story about Christie’s mother’s last words to her son on her death bed, but with this answer, Christie added a bit more context to the situation. A strong woman with a more than painful past, Christie says his mother had “never been defeatist about anything” to his knowledge, making her tacit acceptance of death one of the most shocking and foundation-shattering moments in the governor’s life.

Filmed in Las Vegas at a conference for the Knowledge Is Power Program, which runs charter schools in Jersey, the clip below show’s Christie’s candid answer: