Former Chink’s Steaks Losing Money Since Name Change

Back in April, Joe Groh was forced to change the name of his beloved Wisssinoming cheesesteak shop, Chink’s, because, well … you know. Rechristened Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop, Groh has since shown losses of 10 percent in June and 15 percent in July. Apparently, those longtime customers who just couldn’t imagine eating anywhere but sandwich shops coincidentally named after antiquated racial slurs have made good on their threats to stop sending in orders should Groh cave to the pressure of political correctness.

Cave he did, and away they went, which means but one thing: Philadelphia must buy Joe’s Steaks. Otherwise, the racists win. Stu Bykofsky even said so:

“If 10 percent of the do-gooders who cheered him for doing the right thing came in for an occasional steak or shake, he’d be fine.”