Feds to Sestak PAC: Start Campaigning or Stop Fundraising

Mainline Media News reports:

Joe Sestak has been ordered by the Federal Election Commission to either officially declare his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2016 or to cease raising and spending funds.

In a letter to the Edgmont Democrat dated July 26, the FEC said that Sestak’s committee, called “Friends of Joe Sestak,” has crossed the financial threshold of $5,000 in contributions and expenditures and he will be deemed a candidate unless he disavows the fiscal activities.

The letter gives Sestak 35 days to give a written disavowal of the fund-raising activities or to file a statement of candidacy. According to the FEC’s review and referral procedures, if no response to a disavowal notice is received after 30 days, the subject — in this case Sestak — will be considered a candidate under the federal election laws.

Sestak is running. He just hasn’t formally filed yet.