BUY THIS: Handmade Mama’s Equality Pillows on Etsy

A West Chester seamstress/avid ally has re-opened her Etsy store to sell "State of Gay" pillows.

I came across these nifty equality pillows on Instagram, and just had to share. 

They were stitched by West Chester seamstress/children’s book author Maggie Mitchell (aka Handmade Mama) of Evolution Handmade on Etsy. Mitchell recently quit her teaching job to take care of her 3-year-old daughter, and in that time, she says she has become engrossed in the “ever-progressing march toward marriage equality,” which, the straight ally says, “has really opened my eyes more than I ever thought possible. … I believe that love is love. It’s all the same, and it’s not some luxury that certain, special human beings get to experience.”

After the recent striking down of DOMA, Mitchell picked up her needle and thread to create two “State of Gay” pillows. The 14-by-14-inch accents are made with a hand-sewn pillow cover — in a color of your choice — and an individually cut state in classic pride-flag colors is appliqued and blanket-stitched to the cover. For now, she has Pennsylvania and Kansas options on Etsy, but she says she can make one with any state.

The pillows — $38 a piece — would make a perfect gift for the equality-driven in your life or, hey, a nice wedding present for those gay couples tying the knot out in Montgomery County. You can order one here.

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