Building Excavator’s Wife Says Husband Has Been Made “Scapegoat”

43-year-old Sean Benschop, the excavator in charge of demolishing 2136-38 Market St, has been in jail on $1.5 million bail ever since the June building collapse. His wife has now spoken out, and defends her husband, saying he’s been made to be a “scapegoat.” She also says he tried to ensure more safety precautions before demolition.

Benschop had recommended to the job’s contractor that he rent a high-lift device to lift a worker above the building, presumably as the safest way to demolish the structure. Tynisha Gregory-Benschop, a principal in her husband’s business, said she had contacted three firms about renting such a lift and conveyed their bids to her husband.

STB Investments, according to a trove of documents recently released by the city, also pushed for such a device, but ultimately went ahead with the job without it. [Inquirer]