NJ, Pennsylvania Turnpikes Are Nation’s Leading Toll Collectors

If it seems like it’s really pricey to get from here to there around here, well, that’s because it is. Toll Roads News reports that New Jersey and Pennsylvania turnpikes led the nation in tolls collected during the first six months of the year.  New York was third, creating a nice little stretch of pricey tolls for the region’s drivers.

The 407ETR—an investor-owned road near Toronto—is sneaking up on Pennsylvania as the second-highest revenue collector in all of North America, the website reports, but isn’t quite there yet.

“In terms of cash flow – this is a more tricky comparison – the 407ETR is by our estimate running neck and neck with the New Jersey Turnpike as the most profitable tollroad in north America,” the website reports.

Philly.com adds: “Spokesmen for both toll roads said all profits from toll revenue after operating expenses go right back into capital improvement spending and debt payments. For instance, in the case of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the $394 million doesn’t even pay for the $450 million in annual payments to the state Department of Transportation mandated by Act 44. Turnpike spokesman Bill Capone said the turnpike agency also spends another $500-600 million annually in capital improvements.”