Hatboro Makes Spray Paint, Markers Illegal for Kids

Hatboro, a Philadelphia suburb north of town, doesn’t want any more graffiti. So the city government is taking action:

The Hatboro Borough Council on Monday approved the advertisement of an ordinance that would prohibit minors from purchasing graffiti implements, and require victims of graffiti to clean it up or open their wallets.

The proposed ordinance states that minors cannot possess aerosol paint containers and broad-tipped indelible markers while on any public property. They can have them only on private property when the owner knows of and consents to the minor’s possession.

Also, Hatboro store owners who sell materials would not be allowed to sell them to minors and be required to place a sign in clear public view near the display of these products stating the repercussions of defacing property.

Now, officials will tell the city doesn’t really have a graffiti problem—though there is the occasional “property maintenance issue.” Even conceding there might be a problem, though: A ban on indelible markers? Really? Let’s hope Hatboro’s roving gangs of graffiti artists don’t start using crayons to tag public property.