Glenn Howerton Tells Rolling Stone About Why “It’s Always Sunny” Never Wins Anything

Dennis from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (Glenn Howerton) has a new movie coming out. It’s called Coffee Town, and it’s about a bunch of guys trying to save the coffeeshop where they mill around. Yesterday Rolling Stone published an interview with Howerton in honor of the flick. Here are four things you will learn from the Q&A.

1. Power balladeer Josh Groban (“You Raise Me Up”) plays a barista and Howerton’s “nemesis” in Coffeetown. Howerton, like us, says he was “shocked” by the casting choice.

2. Why he and the “It’s Always Sunny” crew are calling it quits after 10 season. “There’s a certain point where you wear out your welcome and we don’t want to do that…I’m sure there are already a few people who are like ‘Jesus Christ is that show still on? Go away.'”

3. Why “It’s Always Sunny” has never even been nominated for an Emmy. “I don’t know what it is man, because I meet enough people, well respected people in this business who are really big fans of our show…In a lot of ways, it’s kind of our fault, because we never go to the parties, you know, the events you’re supposed to. We’ve never really played the game.”

4. Is he into twisted Asian horror movies? “Right now I’m watching a lot of twisted Asian horror.”

BTW: Coffee Town

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