Boobs at City Hall Still Trying To Collect Lap Dance Taxes

As we told you last week, City Hall is trying to make up a shortfall in revenue by collecting back taxes on lap dances at the Philadelphia’s finest strip clubs. Now Bloomberg reports the story to a national audience:

At issue in Philadelphia is a 5 percent tax that applies to any amusement in the city, including concerts, movies and strip-club entry fees. The city collected $21.9 million in those taxes in the fiscal year that ended in July 2012, documents show.

Now the city says lap dances are distinct amusements and should be taxed, according to George Bochetto, a Philadelphia lawyer representing the two clubs.

Philadelphia sent a $486,483 bill covering lap dances performed at Cheerleaders and charged Club Risque $320,540, according to documents provided by Bochetto. The city is seeking principal, interest and penalties over three years.

It’s not clear how much the city would reap from collecting lap-dance levies from every club, of which there are dozens.

The city and school district are trying, very diligently, to collect more than $500 million in back taxes overall. But, at long last, we can now ask our friends: “Is that a major source of city tax revenue in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”