Stripper Suing Port Richmond Club About the Whole Dolla Dolla Bill Thing

The Penthouse Club in Port Richmond–last in the news after a stripper ruptured a guy’s spleen at his bachelor party–is being sued by exotic dancer Priya Verma for unfair labor practices.

Verma claims that despite being payed only in tips, the club’s management controlled her work, taking advantage of the “wide disparity in bargaining power” between workers and club owners in the industry…According to the complaint, The Penthouse Club enforces a host of fines on its dancers, including for being late ($10 per half hour), for entering the stage from the wrong side ($25), and even for chewing gum on stage ($25). Regular dancers are allegedly not allowed to perform in other clubs, and their appearance is scrutinized by management.

Considering the entire industry works on the model Verma contends is illegal (customers don’t stuff W2 forms in thongs) it’s somewhat surprising she hasn’t been joined by any colleagues. By the way, if you want to have some illicit fun this weekend but don’t want to exploit badly paid labor or hurt your bladder, maybe head a little further north, where you’ll encounter a certain local Playboy playmate. [City Paper]