8 Vague Quotes from Hillary’s Bryn Mawr Speech Prove She’s Running in 2016

Hillary Clinton was speaking at Bryn Mawr yesterday as part of the Women in Public Service Project she launched a couple years ago. Here is a list of comments Hillary made, taken completely out of context, that reveal her deep-seated motivation to run for president in 2016.

Quote: “I may have left the state department…but I am absolutely committed to the cause of [women in public service.]”
Translation: I’m coming baaaack.

Quote: “I don’t think its enough for use to say in today’s world, we should do something because it’s the right thing to do or because we believe that it should be done.”
Translation: As you probably already know, I’m completely self-interested and hence running for president again.

Quote: “I’m a big believer in evidence.”
Translation: According to a recent poll, I am currently a 63%-13% favorite for the Democratic nomination.

Quote: “A speech is not a policy. A speech does not by itself create change.”
Translation: I would make a better president than Barack Obama.

Quote: “Men and women leaders are often paralyzed by the problems they face… They don’t know how to break through the obstacles that exist.”
Translation: I do.

Quote: “We need more leaders who say no to business as usual.”
Translation: I will.

Quote: “We need to expand what we need by women’s leadership.”
Translation: By electing a woman president in the United States of America.

Quote: Of course, I, and I’m sure many of you want to see more women as heads of state and government. I always get into trouble when I say that.
Translation: Self-explanatory.