Fumo Family Feud: Vince Fumo Sounds Like A Terrible Father Edition

We’ve got another nominee for “Worst Father in Philadelphia“! In court testimony yesterday at City Hall, Vince Fumo’s own kids laid bare the bitter feud between the imprisoned Democratic power broker and his family. The rift centers on who controls a $2.5 million trust fund Fumo set up for his children, Allison and Vincent Jr., in 2006. Ever since Fumo borrowed money from the fund in 2009, he’s become increasingly determined to plunder all of it, appointing personal cronies as trustees, according to Allison, who sued for control of the trust last year.

“I don’t trust my father, unfortunately,” Allison Fumo, 23, testified. Her brother, Vincent E. Fumo, 44, said much the same. He said his father wanted to win “at all costs” – even if it meant draining every dollar from a $2.5 million trust fund set up for him and his sister.

For more on an earlier, different-but-also-sordid Fumo family feud, check out Jason Fagone’s Philly Mag piece from 2008. [Inquirer]