10 Best GIFs of the 2013 Phillies Season (So Far)

The Phillies may not be very good, but they still make a mean animated GIF.

Admit it: The Phillies are getting you a little excited.

That’s probably foolish: They’ve been outscored by 44 runs this year, which means their 45-46 record is actually outperforming what’s expected of a team that far behind in the run column. But they have Chase Utley back, and Cole Hamels has finally won two games in a row, and even center fielder Ben “Never Hit a Home Run” Revere is starting to hit (mostly singles, of course).

It’d be nice if the Phillies started to play better, as the team has not been much fun to watch this season. Sometimes they get blown out, sometimes the bullpen blows a lead and third base coach Ryne Sandberg gets approximately 10 runners a week thrown out at the plate.

But the season isn’t a total loss. Despite the Phillies’ struggles this year, they still excel in one of baseball’s most important stats: the ability to produce funny animated GIFs. With the MLB All-Star Game next week, I figured it was time to do a rundown of the top Phillies GIFs of the first half. This list is so jam-packed that this GIF didn’t even make the list!

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Okay, that’s because the Phillie Phanatic did this same bit last season. Enjoy this countdown of the top 10!

10. Kevin Fransden walkoff bat flip

Everyone's OK with Kevin Frandsen's bat flip, right... on Twitpic

Last month, Kevin Frandsen hit a walk-off homer to beat the Mets. He made sure to flip his bat in celebration, as taunting the Mets is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.

9. Erik Kratz gets trucked, still gets guy out

ERIC KRATZ! #phillies #turkeybacon #gif #awesome #philadelphi... on Twitpic

Phillies backup catcher isn’t just a spokesman for turkey bacon. He can also stand in the path of a runner and not drop the ball. Imagine how great baseball would be if you could truck the opposing player at every base and not just home plate! I’d buy season tickets.

8. Phillies fan spills beer

The foul ball only hit the screen, but this Phillies fan drop... on Twitpic

This foul ball was in no danger of hitting fans; the screen protected them. Still, one Phillies fan was startled enough he spilled his beer.

7. Ben Revere’s amazing catch, and his not-so-amazing catch

Ben Revere made a nice catch, then crashed into the giant unp... on Twitpic

Sometimes Ben Revere is awesome…

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… and sometimes he’s not so awesome.

6. Kevin Frandsen and Ben Revere celebrate

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Back in early April, Kevin Frandsen had another walkoff hit, this one a three-run double. Ben Revere looked like he was two feet tall while celebrating with him.

5. Ben Revere’s handspring

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Holy crap! Ben Revere scored on a single, then acted like he was Great Muta (or Snooki), doing a handspring off the ground in celebration.

4. Papelbon’s crazy eyes

Walkoff GIF. #Phillies #Papelbon on Twitpic

Jon Papelbon celebrates walkoff hits by looking like a maniac.

3. The Phanatic’s ATV breaks down

Your 2013 Phillies: The Phanatic's ATV broke down on the... on Twitpic

Is there a better metaphor for the 2013 Phillies than the Phanatic’s ATV breaking down?

2. Fan screamed at after Freddy Galvis walkoff homer

My favorite part of Freddy Galvis' walkoff homer was a w... on Twitpic

Freddy Galvis had a walkoff homer against Cincinnati in May, and this fan didn’t catch it. He caught an earful from the woman he was with. This would have been an incredibly hard catch for him! Totally not fair.

1. Jimmy Rollins nWo crotch chop celebration

Here's the Jimmy Rollins crotch chop GIF if you missed it. on Twitpic

This is how Jimmy Rollins celebrated Frandsen’s walkoff homer: With a crotch chop at home plate. Well done, Jimmy. May you never leave the Phillies.