Sarah Murnaghan Develops Pneumonia After Second Lung Transplant

The challenges aren’t yet over for Sarah Murnaghan, the young cystic fibrosis patient who recently received a second lung transplant at CHOP after her first one failed. According to a Facebook message posted by Janet Murnaghan, Sarah’s mother, the 10-year-old has developed pneumonia in her right lung, which poses substantial problems for her recovery despite her being more stable today. Murnaghan, however, remains hopeful:

“Sarah has developed pneumonia in her right lung. They believe its caused by aspirations from her belly. Yesterday was tough. Today she is more stable, but this is definitely a large set back. Thank you for the love and prayers. We have an amazing team of doctors who go above and beyond but also walk this road with us in such a kind and compassionate way. Thankful to God for this day!”