Police Say XTU Anniversary Concert Saw Fewer Arrests Than Last Year

First the murder rate drop, then the Travel+Leisure snob thing, and now this. Apparently, Philly is losing that chip on its shoulder, and fast. This year’s XTU Anniversary concert, known widely as the premiere locale for country-twinged debauchery, actually saw less arrests and requests for medical treatment this year—way less. The festivities this past Sunday say a mere 45 arrests compared to more than 100 last year, and 125 medical treatment requests to 2012’s 171 requests. Are we getting soft, losing our edge in our old age? Maybe, but another important note—attendance at last year’s XTU show stood at about 30,000 compared to this year’s 20,000-strong crowd—and that’s in addition to new tailgating rules and bad weather. Well, there’s always next year. [Newsworks]