Start Digging in Your Couch Cushions — SEPTA’s Fare Hike Starts Today

Starting today, people are going to start complaining about SEPTA a lot more. Everybody’s favorite transit company instituted its long-threatened fare increases today: Subways, buses and trolleys will now cost $2.25 a trip, single tokens will go up to $1.80, and SEPTA’s TransPasses will increase to $24 and $91 for weekly and monthly passes. The good news is, though, that SEPTA is removing its expensive Zone 5 designation and — to cheers from LGBT advocates — will be removing their male and female designation stickers on passes. The hikes, however, aren’t over just yet: SEPTA will institute another quarter raise for buses, subways and trolleys sometime in 2014.

But is Philly happy about all this change? Are we getting an increase in service along with that increase in fare? Well, according to Twitter, not really. Maybe it’s time to start biking. [ABC]