WATCH: Gay Marine Proposes to His Marine Boyfriend

A visual reminder of what may be ahead as we wait with bated breath for the Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage.

I’m working from a coffee shop in Wash West today, seriously on pins and needles as I ogle the SCOTUS live blog for any hints as to how the Supreme Court will decide today. I’m feeling optimistic. Seems like most polls and opinion pieces from those in the know are confident DOMA will be struck down. But you know how the waiting game can be … 

To ease the tension, I turned to this video I watched a few weeks ago that chronicles the evening gay marine YouTuber Russ got a marriage proposal from his partner Matt. It’s a reminder that precious scenes like this could be around the bend for all of us.

Enjoy the vid below, and stay tuned to G Philly for updates on today’s case. Eeeeeeeee!

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