New Doc About MOVE Bombing Should End All Debate, Soothe All Hurt Feelings

NPR reports on Let The Fire Burn, a new documentary aobut the infamous MOVE bombing in 1985 that killed 11 people and destroyed 61 homes in West Philly.

Director Jason Osder, assistant professor of media and public affairs at George Washington University, grew up in Philadelphia and was roughly the same age as the children who were killed in the fire.

“Those of us that are lucky to have, sort of, traditional childhoods, we grow up sheltered in a certain way. And for most people, there’s a moment where that shelter is broken,” Osder tells NPR’s Neal Conan.

“My parents’ generation will always remember where they were when JFK died, but for me, it was the MOVE fire.”

The documentary has been kicking around the festival circuit, and won a fair amount of praise along the way.