WATCH: Philly Music Teachers Perform Farewell Concert

6ABC reports:

Music teachers in the Philadelphia School District marked their last day on the job Monday with a farewell concert.

The concert was being held by the All-City High School Orchestra at the school administration building in Center City.

The performance also served as a plea to the lawmakers in Harrisburg to help find the money to avoid budget cuts in the school district.

And how’s that going? Well:

Most Pennsylvania voters wouldn’t mind a hike in their income taxes if it would help to fund public schools, according to a poll released Monday.

Director Sharon Ward of the nonpartisan Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, the report’s other co-sponsor, said residents think the state can dig deeper into its pockets than leaders admit.

“The public is not really buying into the argument made by the administration that we can’t afford to restore funding, that the problem was temporary federal funds,” Ward said during the call. “That certainly doesn’t square with what they are seeing in their own communities.”

The poll also found that most voters favored delaying a planned corporate tax cut while raising sales taxes in the name of education.