White Supremacist Stork Is Bringing Another Nazi Baby to Jersey

You’ll remember Heath Campbell, the New Jersey neo-Nazi who gave his children German names, lost custody of them, then thought wearing a Nazi uniform to court would be a good way to get them back? He’s going to be a daddy again!

Heath Campbell, 40, and his fiancée Bethanie Rose Zito, 22, told NYDailyNews.comthat they will find out the baby’s gender next week. They already have two names lined up.

If they have a boy, a potential name being floated is “Rommel,” after Erwin Rommel, a high-ranking German military official in World War II. The couple told the Daily News a girl would be named Eva Braun, after Hitler’s longtime girlfriend who became his wife less than two days before they committed suicide.

Well, it’s not going to happen quietly, that’s for sure. If there’s one thing we know abut Nazi babies, it’s that they like to raise a real fuhrer.