Jeepers: Now Comcast Owns Part of Your YouTube, Too

Proving there’s no place on Earth that multimedia content can go that Comcast won’t plant its flag, news arrives that the Philly company has purchased “a financial stake” in FullScreen Inc., which has created 10,000 channels featuring musicians, comedians and more on YouTube.

Inky writes:

Ezra Cooperstein, Fullscreen’s chief operating officer, said the company could be the “network model of tomorrow” and targets its entertainment toward younger viewers.

Fullscreen’s network of affiliated channels generates 2.5 billion YouTube views a month and reaches about 150 million subscribers who follow its channels, the company says.

Fullscreen helps performers manage their YouTube presence and find advertisers. Fullscreen takes a small cut of the advertising for revenue.

Remember: The next time you watch a well-constructed cat video, you’re probably putting even MORE dough in Brian Roberts’ pockets. It’s Comcast’s world: We’re just living in it.