John Street Loves Bikes, Hates Bike Lanes, Refuses to Follow Bike Laws

John Street is a member of the 99%. The 99% who don’t follow bike laws, that is. Avid bike-hater Stu Bykofsky sat down with avid bike-rider Street the other day, and the result was pretty surprising. When asked if he stopped at red lights or generally followed the rules of the road, the former mayor responded “No. I follow none. Zero.” Why?

When you take a person and you put him on a bike, something happens to your brain. You get real aggressive, you’re like a cabdriver on a bike. It’s all about getting there. A stop sign doesn’t mean anything. There may be people who stop at stop signs, but I don’t know any.

He also hates bike lanes, because like “three-fourths” of his students at Temple, he thinks they’re are a financial waste. And besides, he says, nobody (read: him) uses them anyways. [Daily News]