WATCH: Stars Give Bullying the Bird in New Ad Campaign

TIm Gunn, LeAnn Rimes and others join Friend Movement in a new campaign to empower those affected by bullies.

Adam Lambert, Tim Gunn and Frenchie Davis are among the celebrities taking part in Friend Network's new anti-bullying campaign.

Never thought you’d see Tim Gunn throwing up the middle finger, huh? In “The New ‘F’ Word — Giving Bullying the Bird,” a forward-thinking new campaign by Friend Movement, the Project Runway mentor and a host of other celebs do just that in the attempt to inspire an inner monologue in those who are bullied that says, “F-U I’m amazing … I don’t need your approval.”

I heard that.

To continue spreading the message, Friend Network has started an indigogo campaign to raise the funds they need to take 10,000 photos in 90 days, across 40 states “in hopes of bringing the campaign to everyday people across the nation and raising global awareness to the anti-bullying cause.” And yes, Philadelphia is on their list.

Check out the Friend Movement’s touching promo video below. It’s narrated by Tim Gunn (flashing that middle finger for days) and goes behind the scenes of the all-star photo shoot. For more information about the indiegogo campaign, click here.

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