WATCH ABC’s Video of School Bus Repeatedly Running Stop Sign

6ABC watched the school bus run a West Philly stop sign on five separate occasions. Even more disturbing? The driver’s bosses didn’t seem all that concerned:

We took the video first to All City Transportation, which confirmed that the driver is still driving a bus for the company.

The company then claimed it disciplined the driver, but then put him right back on the same route again.

“If he goes through the stop sign, a police officer should give him a ticket,” said a company supervisor. Asked what the COMPANY would do, the man replied, “If we know exactly that he went through this stop sign, then we punished him.”

“Should he be on the streets doing this when kids’ safety is at risk?” I asked All City Transportation.”

“Of course,” responded the All City supervisor. “He has a license to drive. It is not my job to take him off. He has a license, and he is not suspended by the law, I can’t tell him he cannot drive.”

The school district, however, has instructed All City to remove the driver from its routes.