Listadelphia: City Ranks High in Parks, Low in Banking

The Philadelphia Business Journal brings us a pair of lists today that highlight the best and worst of what are city offers:

• On one hand, we have the 14th-best park system in the United States: “The study by The Trust for Public Landtouted the size of the park system, Philadelphia’s low spending per resident and its high accessibility by citizens of all income levels,” the Journal reports.

• On the other hand, we’re the ninth-most “unbanked” city in the country:According to the data, 14.3 percent of Philadelphia households are unbanked and 23.5 percent are underbanked. Unbanked means the person has no checking or savings account. Underbanked means consumers have an account, but continue to rely on alternative financial services, like check-cashing.”

Good thing it doesn’t cost money to go to the parks, eh?