Delaware Man Sues Doctor Over Eight-Month Erection

No, really:

A Delaware truck driver who says a penile implant gave him an erection that lasted eight months is suing the doctor who performed the surgery.

The medical malpractice lawsuit brought by 44-year-old Daniel Metzgar of Newark against Wilmington urologist Dr. Thomas Desperito is being heard in New Castle County Superior Court in Wilmington.

Metzgar told jurors Tuesday that the inflatable prosthesis made him feel like less of a man. He had testified earlier that he has gotten a replacement prosthesis, but he does not experience the same level of sensation.

It gets worse:

Wherever the 44-year-old went, his condition got in the way, said Metzgar’s attorney, Michael C. Heyden. Retrieving the morning newspaper became a problem. Riding his motorcycle was, too. Even family events became uncomfortable because, as Heyden put it: “Dan is stuck in this position.”

(Defense attorneys) suggested Metzgar should have known something was wrong after he had the December surgery when he said his scrotum swelled to the size of a volleyball. Instead, he didn’t say anything was wrong until April.

He ended up getting the prosthesis removed in August 2010 after tubing from the device punctured his scrotum during a family trip to Niagara Falls. The family drove back to Delaware, where he underwent surgery.

Emphasis added, because, well, yikes! No word on when a verdict can be expected in this cock-up.