The Coolest Obituary You’ll Read This Week, Featuring a Penn Dropout

47-year-old Mott Green died after being “electrocuted while working on solar-powered machinery for cooling chocolate during overseas transport.” His early death, tragic as it was, is a fitting one, given the Most Interesting Man in the World-meets Thomas Edison-meets Willy Wonka existence the man led. And it all started around the time he dropped out of Penn, in 1988, during his senior year.

After school, he spent time working as a “master tinkerer, forager and activist among homeless anarchists in Philadelphia.” Among other things, he got an old school VW bus to run on electricity. After a brief stint doing more wild stuff in the East Village, he moved to Grenada and lived out of a bamboo hut that he ran on solar power so he could play Ella Fitzgerald songs. Then he began restoring old chocolate production machines, and began exporting his product from Grenada. Last year, he brought tens of thousands of his chocolate bars to Amsterdam on a sailboat, calling it the “first carbon-neutral trans-Atlantic mass chocolate delivery” in history.

Order a chocolate bar in Mott’s honor.

And remember, students, this is the kind of stuff what you can do if you drop out of Penn.

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