Hair Extension-Theft Epidemic Apparently Rocking Philadelphia, Nation

CNN reports on a bizarre crime epidemic:

A female burglar pepper-sprayed a worker behind the counter before grabbing about 10 packs of remy hair, which sell for $100 each. A male thief held a gun to another employee and had her take $1,000 from the register and shove more extensions into a garbage bag.

And according to the report, those are just “the latest in a spate of hair extension heists that have been sweeping Chicago and cities such as Philadelphia and Houston.” Philadelphia? Why, it’s true! Check out this entry from an April crime log:

2:42 p.m. Theft: 5600 block of Germantown Ave. Taken were 10 sets of hair extensions.

Remy hair, the “highest grade of human hair on the market,” is the most valuable, and according to the CNN report, they’re typically stolen from beauty supply stores and sold to hair salons, or online and in the “trunks of their cars.”