L&I Evacuated and Shut Down New Gayborhood Bar Rosewood Last Night

In a weird twist, the closing may be tied to the building collapse that happened yesterday at 22nd and Market.

The dimly-lit, atmospheric interior of Woody's new Rosewood cocktail lounge, which opened in April.

Philly mag senior reporter Victor Fiorillo reports that the Department of Licenses & Inspection shut down brand-spanking-new Gayborhood bar Rosewood last night, because it was “found to be in violation of building, zoning, electrical, fire and plumbing codes.” He continues, suggesting that it may be tied to the devastating building collapse that happened yesterday at 22nd and Market: 

According to L&I records of the Rosewood address, the city issued a “Major Alteration” permit on May 3rd to Griffin Campbell Construction, the same contractor doing demolition work on the 22nd and Market building when it collapsed. The owner of Griffin Campbell reportedly has a criminal record. Rosewood also used the same “expediter” that was used at 22nd and Market: local architect Platos Marinakos Jr., whose job it was to expedite the permitting process.

We just posted an interview with Rosewood co-owner Billy Weiss — the same guy who owns Woody’s and Voyeur — and it seemed like things were going fine. I’m sure this came as quite a shock. You can read the rest of Fiorillo’s piece here.

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