At Frank Lautenberg’s Funeral, Joe Biden Brings The Funny

Gotta love Joe Biden, who doesn’t see any reason why a funeral for a long-serving U.S. Senator shouldn’t be full of yuks. So at Frank Lautenberg’s service today, Biden reportedly got all the best lines, including:

* “And by the way, Danielle, I knew Strom Thurmond so well, literally, I was asked to do his eulogy. I did his eulogy. This is a lot easier.”

* When Lautenberg asked him whether he should run again: “I said, of course you should run again. I think even Christie will vote for ya.”

* “My wife says I’m the most obnoxious grandfather in the world. No. Wrong. Frank was the most obnoxious.”

Honestly, has there ever been a man better suited to the vice-presidency? Can we keep him there when Obama retires?