Philly Native Jill Kelley Sues Over Petraeus Scandal reports:

Florida socialite Jill Kelley – Philadelphia’s connection to the scandal that brought down a CIA chief last year – has filed suit with her husband, Scott, against the FBI and the Defense Department for violating their privacy and damaging their reputations.

“We received highly hurtful and damaging publicity from willful leaks from high-level government officials that were false and defamatory,” according to a statement the Kelleys released Monday. “In addition, we also learned that our personal emails were wrongfully searched, and improperly disclosed.”

You’ll remember Kelley emerged during Petraeus’s downfall last year: She received threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, the Petraeus biographer who was also having an affair with the former general. She later told The Daily Beast: “It was devastating. To have your privacy invaded is truly—there are no words to describe it. Instead of enjoying a family birthday party, I had paparazzi storming my front lawn, pushing down the door. There are no words to describe the panic and fear at that moment.”