Woman Tries to Smuggle Cocaine Through PHL Inside Her Heels

Last week, Philly Post contributor Gene Marks advised readers on ten ways to get through PHL quickly. This week we’re starting a new list on how to get through the airport as slowly as possible. Starting with this piece of advice: Try to smuggle $140,000 worth of cocaine inside your heels.

During a baggage examination, CBP officers discovered that three pairs of ladies cork wedge shoes were unusually heavy and an X-ray detected anomalies inside the sole and heel of all six shoes. Officers probed one shoe from each pair and discovered a white powdery substance that field-tested positive for cocaine. The combined cocaine weighed more than 4.5 pounds, and has a street value of about $140,000.

Iveliza Tuhanna Perezas, the suspect, is from Camden. She was arriving in Philadelphia from Montego Bay, Mexico. And, of course, she’s been arrested. [Courier-Post]